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Patio High Power, Pressure Washing

Regardless of whether your patio has been laid in block paving, natural stone, sandstone, York-stone, crazy paving, or any kind of pre-cast flagstone, the same weathering and dirt problems soon take hold. Cleveland Prowash is a high power, pressure washing specialist and experienced with dealing with these problems. For a FREE quotation call Andrew on 01642 509272 - 07946 647635 or if you have any questions, please use my CONTACT page.

Across Cleveland, North Yorkshire, Co.Durham, Tyne & Wear and the rest of the North East various types of patio slabs and paving stones have been laid. Unfortunately this has not always been to the greatest standards of workmanship. One thing that is for certain, left unprotected to the weather, deterioration of the patio will soon start to set in.

All pavers and patio slabs are to some extent porous this generally leads to algae, lichen and moss becoming established. These forms of growth will soon make the patio appear dirty, grubby, and unkempt.

Cleveland Prowash is a specialist at patio high power, pressure washing and uses the latest in professional jet washing equipment. This will remove all moss, dirt, grime and green algae that have formed since the patio was laid. Once thoroughly cleaned we would recommend application of Smartseal patio sealer, this will protect the patio from further deterioration, colour loss and reduce maintenance.

 Our Patio Washing & Restoration Services Include:-

  •           Jet washing
  •           Stain removal
  •           Fungicide & moss treatment
  •           Minor repairs
  •           Application of Smartseal Patio Sealer

Cleveland Prowash has joined forces with Smartseal and will only use their sealing and coating materials because they are the brand leader. To view the promotional video of the high power, pressure washing process click HERE

Wide Range of Colours

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For a FREE quotation call Andrew on  01642 509272 - 07946 647635


Cleveland Prowash cover the North East of England including: Teesside, Middlesbrough, Stockton, Darlington, Billingham, Thornaby, Yarm, Guisborough, Redcar, Saltburn, Skelton, Loftus, North Yorkshire, Co.Durham and Tyne & Wear

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Patio Cleaning  image
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